Arnot Roberts Syrah Clary Ranch 2015

Arnot Roberts Syrah Clary Ranch 2015  - Les Marchands Restaurant & Wine Shop
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There is a superb London based periodical that is released four times a year called The World of Fine Wine. It has been highly acclaimed by a discerning audience and received the Louis Roederer International Wine Publication of the Year award in 2010, 2011, and 2012.  Hugh Johnson describes it as, “Not a consumer magazine, but the first cultural journal of the wine world.”
A friend notified me recently to make sure I found the article they published after sending a reporter all the way to California to write about Arnot Roberts. In September of 2015 The World of Fine Wine published Adam Lechmere’s article “Arnot Roberts: Modest Revolutionaries” and it reiterated what I learned back in 2010 when I was first exposed to the wines of Arnot Roberts.
“…they’re rapidly garnering a reputation as two of the state’s most exciting winemakers.”

Founded in 2001 after growing up surrounded by winemaking and vineyards Duncan and Nathan produce small lots of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Chardonnay primarily. As a little side note, after visiting Beaujolais with Raj Parr they started another label called RPM (Roberts, Parr, Meyers) producing Gamay from the Sierra Foothills.  But I digress…
From Vinous, written in January 2016:
“Childhood friends Duncan Arnot and Nathan Roberts have turned out a spectacular set of new releases. The highlights are the 2014 Pinots and Syrahs and the 2013 Cabernets, but all of the wines in this range are absolutely delicious. Arnot and Roberts have dialed in a very personal style that seeks restraint but never at the loss of intensity. The reds are typically done with high level of whole clusters and new oak is kept at a minimum throughout the cellar. These are some of the most distinctive, compelling wines being made in California today. I can't recommend them highly enough.”

From the Arnot Roberts website:
The Coast Range Mountains in Northern California take a sudden dip and nearly disappear around Bodega Bay in Sonoma County reemerging as the foot of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County to the South. It is at this point that cool air over the Pacific Ocean is drawn inland via convective forces through what is referred to as the “Petaluma Wind Gap”. Clary Ranch is planted on a hillside in the Middle Two Rock Valley, at the absolute edge of where Syrah will ripen in California. The resulting wine exhibits soaring aromatics high natural acidity and low alcohol.

Technical Information
  • Country United States
  • Region California
  • Appellation Sonoma Coast
  • Vineyard Clary Ranch