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Tatomer Rose of Spatburgunder 2016

Tatomer Rose of Spatburgunder 2016  - Les Marchands Wine Bar & Merchant
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Don’t let the varietal fool you, or twist your tongue. It is Pinot Noir, but the German naming, as it implies, is a late ripening (spät) varietal from Burgundy—Spätburgunder. Documents show that Pinot Noir vines were brought to Germany from Burgundy in the 14th century, but local lore believes it was the 4th century. Graham Tatomer, lucid master of SBC Riesling and Grüner Veltliner after several harvests in Austria at renowned Weingut Knoll, sources these grapes from Edna Valley, a vineyard planted on decomposed granite soils. Expect a lively and fresh rosé with firm texture—just the right amount of tension.

  • Blend Spatburgunder
  • Winemaker Graham Tatomer
  • Country United States
  • Region California