Gonon Chasselas 2015

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From a tiny section of vines planted just after the phylloxera epidemic around 1890 and located within a parcel the brothers acquired from Raymond Trollat in 2005 in the locale of Saint Jean de Muzol. Trollat added it to his Saint Joseph Blanc providing some added aromatic complexity but given Chasselas has no appellation designation, the Gonon brothers bottle it separately as a Vin de France.

From the Kermit Lynch Website:
Pierre Gonon farmed some of Mauve’s best slopes in the heart (some say the birthplace) of the St-Joseph appellation. In 1989, he turned direction of the property over to his sons, Jean and Pierre. This friendly, talented team of brothers has since earned a reputation as the domaine of St-Joseph. This appellation sits along the western bank of the Northern Rhône, with its neighbor, Hermitage, across the river. When it gained its A.O.C. in 1956, the area under vine was very small, centered around the town of St-Joseph and neighboring villages Mauves, Tournon, and St-Jean-de-Muzols. The eastern exposure in the vineyards allows for fewer hours of sunshine, lending an unusual freshness and joie de vivre to these Northern Rhône whites and reds.

In 1971, the appellation was expanded, and with it many over-cropped, forgettable wines soon followedThe Gonon brothers break this paradigm completely, as they both farm and ferment in the old-school style. They work their nine hectares of land without any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, using all-natural composts. They just recently started the process for organic certification, although they have been farming this way since 2004. Their low-yielding vineyards span three of the original communes of St Joseph, all sitting on prized granite bedrock, the best of which was purchased from the famous Raymond Trollat, now retired, in 2005.

Vin de France “Chasselas”
• From vines over 100 years old 
• Whole clusters are pressed gently with a pneumatic press
• Juice settles for 12 hours before being racked into fermentation casks
• Wine ages in barrique and demi-muid on fine lees for 11 months, undergoing a regular stirring of the lees    

Technical Information
  • Blend 100% Chasselas
  • Appellation Vin de France