Cascina La Ghersa Barbera d'Asti Piage

Cascina La Ghersa Barbera d'Asti Piage  - Les Marchands Restaurant & Wine Shop
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La Ghersa is a rather small winery situated in Moasca, Piedmont. In 1920 Massimo Pastura’s great-grandfather, Osvaldo, replanted barbera in the area after the phylloxera crisis killed most of the vines. While Osvaldo continued to tend the family's vineyards, it wasn't until 1976 that they began building a new cellar. In 1989, Massimo began work in the winery with his father Giulio and his mother Piera (Osvaldo's daughter), producing the family's first vintage. Focusing his efforts on Barbera d'Asti, as the leading wine of the estate's production, Massimo helped expand the family's holdings up to their current 22ha. Cultivating their vineyards with the utmost respect for nature, Cascina la Ghersa uses organic treatments, grass coverage and no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

Technical Information
  • Appellation Barbera d'Asti