Domaine Fouassier Sancerre Rouge 2015

Domaine Fouassier Sancerre Rouge 2015  - Les Marchands Restaurant & Wine Shop
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Established in 1749 in the heart of Sancerre, Domaine Fouassier is one of the oldest wine growing families in the Loire Valley with a history that spans several generations. The Fouassier family’s rich winemaking history included Jules Fouassier, a very influential grape grower during the Phylloxera epidemic of the late 19th century. He was the first to utilize copper and sulphur on vines to combat disease, and also single-handedly planted the famous Clos Paradis vineyard in 1902. Jules eldest son, Gustave, won fame by participating in and winning a wine competition in Paris during the summer of 1923. At that time, the rest of France was unfamiliar with the wines of Sancerre, so this victory proved invaluable for showcasing the potential of the region. The newer parts of the winery were built in 1972 when the old cellars – dating back to the 16th century – became too small to accommodate expanding estate holdings. Today, the estate is comprised of nearly 56 hectares, 80% of which are planted to Sauvignon Blanc and 20% to Pinot Noir, making them the largest landholders in the appellation. They are organic and biodynamic certified and utilize a cohesive blend of new state of the art machinery and traditional techniques in their winemaking. This wine is 100% Pinot Noir. 

Technical Information
  • Blend Pinot Noir
  • Appellation Sancerre