Combe Trousseau Pet Nat Stolpman Vineyard 2017

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Pétillant-naturel (natural sparkling) is a catch-all term for practically any sparkling wine made in the méthode ancestrale, meaning the wine is bottled before primary fermentation is finished, without the addition of secondary yeasts or sugars. (This is in contrast to méthode champenoise, the method used to make Champagne and other more-common sparkling wines, in which a finished wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle with additional yeasts and sugars).

The ancient method produces a simpler, more rustic sparkler than Champagne, one that is traditionally cloudy, unfiltered, and often bottled with a crown cap (like a beer) rather than a cork.

is a partnership project between Raj Parr, Sashi Moorman, and Stolpman
Vineyards. After numerous visits to the Jura region of France, Raj Parr started
lobbying Pete Stolpman on the merits of Trousseau. Around 2013 they grafted one
acre and produced 75 cases of sparkling in the 2014 vintage. Interest in the
wine was off the charts and getting a case involved throwing elbows. By 2016 Stolpman had 2.3 acres of Trousseau online and 550 cases hit the
airwaves this year. The Trousseau block was harvested on August 22, disgorged and re-capped
in March, then released in May 2018. Pair with charcuterie, dishes with oyster
mushrooms, duck, Bánh Mì sandwiches, and Pont l’Evêque cheese.

Technical Information
  • Blend Trousseau
  • Country United States
  • Region California
  • Sub-Region Santa Barbara County
  • Appellation Ballard Canyon
  • Vineyard Stolpman Vineyard