Chave Hermitage Rouge 2013

Chave Hermitage Rouge 2013  - Les Marchands Restaurant & Wine Merchant
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The Chave family is based in a small village on the northern right bank of the Rhone.
There have been Chaves growing vines on the famous Hermitage hill since 1491—sixteen generations of unbroken lineage producing some of the most sought after Syrah, Marsanne, and Roussanne on the planet. Gerard Chave took over from his father in 1970 and rapidly achieved megastar status due to the extraordinary quality
of his wines. He has passed the winemaking responsibilities to his son Jean-Louis but both men believe that the rich variety of terroirs to be found in the region are vital in blending a wine which has all of the features they desire, including finesse, structure and complexity. The heart of the operation takes place on the hill of Hermitage where they own vines in nine of the eighteen vineyards that cover the hill, producing this exact Syrah that is chased by collectors and lauded by writers. 

  • Country France
  • Region Rhone
  • Appellation Hermitage